Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Dangers of Family Time

Today is Dec. 23, 2010 and we are living in Germany.

Let me tell you what Germany is really like on a military is, in a word, COLD!  The snow is melting, but it's foggy, and more snow is on the can't see six feet in front of you and we're hibernating in our flat here in Kaiserslautern as if we were bears awaiting spring time.

So I figured...while we're in hibernation mode....let's do some school.  I know I know...overkill, but seriously...there's only so much I can bake, clean, and craft with two kids in the house and cold weather outside.  So I sat down with Pj (the husband) and we were looking over the monthly school reports on grades for Preston and Alexandra.  Pj was blown away by Preston's skills in math, science, and social studies...and poor Alex is so bored we upped her grade level to grade one in a few subjects.  lol.

While we left the kids to debate the merit over amphibians versus reptiles, Pj and I snuck away to put together the home game of Jeopardy!  Seriously, what were we thinking?  As soon as we sat down and started to review rules and such the kids come running from the computer center and land in our lap. Tinkerbell, (our great dane) goes insane and her tail wags so hard that she knocks Christmas ornaments from the tree across the room... Pj ducked and missed an ornament to the head by a fraction of an inch...(that was a math joke..get it?!  a fraction..heheheh....huh..maybe I need some grown up time...I'm now making math jokes) and I move like ninja fast to avoid her big butt landing on my head, so while I'm buried in Pj's arms trying to avoid a dog that is 160 lbs of love and slobber jumping all over the living room and Preston's NERF missiles shooting across the living room, she decides to wedge her head between me and Pj....forcing me out of his lap and she decides that his lap is her now, I'm dumped on my tush next to Pj while Tinkerbell looks down..(yes, I said looks down) at me with a sure and smug expression on her face. 

I've never wanted to sell her so badly in my life.

Pj looks at me and says...rather impressed with himself... "I think school is over for the day, dear."  And now he wants to know if I'm coming out of my room... "but why," I ask... "it's dangerous in the living room."

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